ingrid van der hoeven sculptures  
  I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam in 1988 in sculpture and drawing. Since then I have been working as a visual artist. Currently I also work as a museum teacher and member of advisory committees on culture.


  I live and work in Rotterdam, a city with a rich mix of cultural diversity. My visual work has an universal character, but in the choice of subject, layering and detailing I want to contribute to the Dutch-East-Indies aspect in Dutch culture. Background and family history affects your habits, character and thinking. Around 2007 I started with figuration in my sculptures. Feminine figures that represent the inner strength and character of an interracial woman. I have myself as a model, the postures and gestures are inspired by women in my family, direct environment and in the media. I have a preference for wooden plate materials. I use the technique of gluing the plate materials together, to make layers and drawings in the sculpture and this also accentuates the female curves. In the development of the sculpture I look for an abstract approach, in which the figure is recognizably feminine, but the facial expression is not readable. A clear choice to allow the spectator to visualize the figure in his own mind. In my recent work I explore a form of expression through drawings and sculptures to tell the family story about the wartime periode, abanding the Dutch-East Indies and restarting a life in the Netherlands. A story that was not much talked about in my family, but which I have felt since childhood.   cv